Keeping SMSChef App Active

A Guide to Prevent Android from Putting Your App to Sleep


Are you experiencing issues with your SMSChef app going to sleep on your Android device? Frustrated with missed messages and delayed notifications? You're not alone! Android's power-saving features can sometimes interfere with the smooth operation of certain apps. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that SMSChef stays active, up, and running on your device. In this guide, we'll explore some handy tips to prevent Android from putting your SMSChef app to sleep.

1. Battery Optimization Settings:

a. **Navigate to Settings:** Open the Settings app on your Android device.

b. **Go to Battery:** Look for the "Battery" or "Battery Optimization" section in your device settings.

c. **Find SMSChef:** Locate SMSChef in the list of apps and select it.

d. **Choose "Don't Optimize":** Change the optimization setting for SMSChef to "Don't Optimize" to prevent Android from putting it to sleep.

2. Background Restrictions:

Android may restrict apps from running in the background to save battery life. To override these restrictions for SMSChef, follow these steps:

a. **Open App Settings:** Go to Settings and find the "Apps" or "Application Manager" section.

b. **Locate SMSChef:** Find SMSChef in the list of installed apps.

c. **Background Restrictions:** Look for settings related to background activity and ensure that SMSChef is allowed to run in the background.

3. Keep SMSChef in Recent Apps:

Android may close apps that are not actively in use, especially when system resources are limited. To keep SMSChef in the foreground and prevent it from being closed, follow these steps:

a. **Open Recent Apps:** After using SMSChef, press the Recent Apps or Overview button (usually a square or rectangular icon).

b. **Lock SMSChef:** Find SMSChef in the list of recent apps, long-press on it, and select the option to lock or keep it open.

4. Disable Battery/Power Saver Mode:

Android's Battery Saver mode is designed to extend battery life by limiting background processes. However, it can impact the real-time functionality of apps like SMSChef. To disable Battery Saver mode:

a. **Access Battery Settings:** Navigate to the Battery settings on your device.

b. **Turn Off Battery Saver:** If Battery Saver mode is enabled, turn it off to allow SMSChef to operate without restrictions.

5. Other recommandations:

You can visit this link to check detailed informations for you phone brand and model:


By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your SMSChef app stays active and responsive on your Android device. Keeping battery optimization settings in check, allowing background activity, and preventing the app from being closed in recent apps will help you enjoy uninterrupted messaging and timely notifications. If you encounter any further issues, be sure to check for app updates and contact SMSChef support for additional assistance. Happy messaging!

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