SMS CHEF - Free SMS Gateway using own mobile

See how SMS CHEF can help you enhance your customer relationship strategy by providing a complete set of tools for:

  • SMS notifications when a new order is created;
  • Get a notification on new client/order;
  • Send bulk SMS messages to customers;
  • Use own mobile phone & SIM.
See how it works
Android sms chef gateway

How It Works

There are only three easy steps that gives you the opportunity to have
your own SMS Gateway, for FREE.

SMS Chef account

1. SMS Chef account

First you need to get your account on SMS Chef. Our system comes with a FREE Plan for your business. Enjoy :)

SMS Chef mobile app install

2. Mobile app install

Download and intall the Android App. The QR code scan configuration instantly gets you ready to send SMS messages.

SMS Chef mobile app

3. Done

You are ready to send some fresh messages. Our fast Dashboard and well documented API assures the best experience.

Amazing Features

What makes our SMS Gateway so special

Responsive Layout

You can use our platform on any desktop, tablet or mobile. Your experience will be the same so you can fully enjoy SMS Chef.


API included on all plans, to build your cool integrations. Manage your Devices, Messages, Contacts, etc.


Save precious time and automatically deliver SMS notifications on order purchases, and other events.


Send quick messages, start bulk marketing campaigns and receive replies from recipients.

SMS Chef Features


Beautifully responsive with quick navigation that gives an ultimately lightning fast page loads.


Detailed statistics, ability to track usage reposts and daily consume of the API.


Choose your preferred payment method.


We are here to help if you have any questions.

...and that's not all, it also provides:


English, Français, Română, Português, Italiano, Pусский, Español, Deutsche


Light & Fast gateway application.


Scan the QRcode from your account and the device will be added magically.


Send quick messages to their contacts.

Send By Excel

Send massive amounts of messages from an excel sheet, without manually playing with modals.

Schedule Messages

Add your messages for sending later, fully optimize your time and marketability!

Long Messages

Supports sending long messages, the messages will be splitted to multiple parts.

SMS Templates

Create ready to use message templates, just select it when you send an sms.

Smart Sending

If a device is not selected, system will automatically decide what device will be used.

Our Amazing Partners
We’ve built apps featured on:

  • PrestaShop SMS module integration
  • WordPress SMS module integration
  • Magento SMS module integration
  • OpenCart SMS module integration
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS Chef has a Free Plan that covers the needs of most of the merchats. If your requirements are higher, you can upgrade to one of our Premium Plans.
An additional cost would be the SMS Plan from your Network Provider, which often includes unlimited SMS messages.

Unfortunately no. The iOS restrictions does not allow us to develop a reliable and automated app integration.

Yes, your mobile device needs to be permanently connected to internet, using mobile data or wireless.

SMS Chef gateway application can run on any of the following Android verions: KitKat, Oreo, Lollipop, Pie, Marshmallow, 10, Nougat. Be sure you mobile device uses on of the listed versions.

Yes, SMS Chef provides API support with an extensive documentation included. API Documentation can be found here.


Seen enough?
Pick your plan and let's roll :)

Awesome Pricing Plans

Our service comes with a free plan includes an optimal number of resources for most of merchants.
There are also 3 additional plans for companies that require substantial resources.

Need a custom plan? Send us your requirements and we'll contact you.

Buy 12 months of any SMS Plan and get 6 free additional months as bonus.

  • €0
  • Per Month
  • Send 3000 messages
  • Receive 3000 messages
  • 1000 contacts
  • 1 device
  • 1 API key
  • PrestaShop integration
  • WordPress integration
  • OpenCart integration
  • Magento integration
*100 SMS daily limit
  • €7 4
  • Per Month
  • Send 12K messages
  • Receive 12K messages
  • 4K contacts
  • 5 devices
  • 5 API keys
  • PrestaShop integration
  • WordPress integration
  • OpenCart integration
  • Magento integration
*400 SMS daily limit
  • PLUS
  • €29 €15
  • Per Month
  • Send 60k messages
  • Receive 60k messages
  • 20k contacts
  • 100 devices
  • 100 API keys
  • 100 WEBHOOKS
  • Email Support
  • PrestaShop integration
  • WordPress integration
  • OpenCart integration
  • Magento integration

*2000 SMS daily limit
  • VIP
  • €99 €39
  • Per Month
  • Send 420k messages
  • Receive 420k messages
  • 200k contacts
  • 400 devices
  • 400 API keys
  • 400 WEBHOOKS
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • PrestaShop integration
  • WordPress integration
  • OpenCart integration
  • Magento integration
*14.000 SMS daily limit

About us

Technology is meant to make things go easier. Correct? So, why does the business seem to make things so complicated? It's clear to us: We want you to understand our unified communications solutions without needing a PhD.

We want to maximize the impact and minimize the jargon. We don't want to work with celebrity spokespeople. We're too busy working with businesses and developers.

We don't care about our technology being fancy, we want it to be so good you forget about it. Because it's not about how advanced the technology is, it's about what you can do with it. We're keeping communications how they should be: straightforward.

Now we're talk... texting.

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